Why learn Excel in 2022?

Do you really know what Excel is for? Discover how Excel can boost your career and open up new opportunities 💪
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Excel allows you to create spreadsheets, create tables, analyze and process data as well as generate and visualize databases. It is therefore a great asset for agencies, companies and administrations that handle a large amount of data every day. Moreover, mastering this tool is mandatory to practice in areas such as project management, accounting, logistics, etc..

This Microsoft gem is therefore a considerable asset not only for your resume, but also for boost the activity of your business.

Microsoft Excel in business

The Microsoft Office suite is one of the most used tools and is used by a large number of businesses. Excel is no exception to this rule.

Thanks to its numerous functions, Microsoft Excel quickly made its way among the most used data manipulation tools (around 85% of businesses around the world use it). For a company that must manage a large amount of data, this spreadsheet has numerous functions for transforming, analyzing and manipulating data and allows and is a real asset to save you time.

⚙️ Improves productivity

When we talk about productivity, we immediately think of employee performance. But with the right tools, productivity explodes. Excel even allows you to automate certain tasks to avoid wasting time repeating long and repetitive operations. If you know enough Excel, you can even make fully automated sheets and generate invoices or documents simply by entering some basic data and letting Excel do the heavy lifting.

🧰 Versatile and versatile

Excel est un vrai couteau suisse !
Excel is a real Swiss Army knife!

The versatility of Excel is one of the great strengths of Excel. Excel is not just a spreadsheet, It's a real Swiss Army knife for your business! It has tons of functions to meet all your needs.

With a single software, you can:

  • Develop a schedule and calendars
  • Establishing invoices and quotes
  • Create dashboards and charts
  • Create macros and make statistics, etc.
  • Manipulate and sort thousands of data

Thanks to all these functions, Excel is very flexible and can be adapted to any sector of activity, as long as users know how to use it. 😉

The bravest among you can even try your hand at VBA programming or macros in order to fully customize Excel to your needs.

📈 Boost your resume with Excel training

85% of businesses use Excel!

Many use it to ensure missions that are crucial to their success and growth, which is why businesses need people who are effective in Excel.

Knowing how to manipulate its formulas and main functions is a significant competitive advantage and will allow you to get a head start on all the other candidates!

Excel for your personal life

Excel is not only a work tool, it can help you even in your personal projects or in your daily life. You can use it to calculate your expenses, sort out after your shopping, manage your bills, calculate your budget etc. No more hassling with a calculator;)

Boosting your business, adding and adding value to your resume, gaining knowledge, these are good reasons To learn Excel in 2022. And even if it's not for business purposes, you can still use it to manage your personal tasks. In any case, you don't lose anything!

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Aidez vos équipes à assurer sur Excel !

Excel est un assistant virtuel qui accompagne vos collaborateurs pendant qu'il travaille et leur permet d'être plus productifs et d'éviter les érreurs

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